Tales From The Crypt 3x6 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Welcome aboard, fright-seers. Translate:
2 Looking for a little hell-iday fun? Translate:
3 You've come to the right place. Translate:
4 We specialize in\Nall sorts of hack-age tours. Translate:
5 So what'll it be? Translate:
6 A few days in a scream park? Translate:
7 Or would you like me to book you\Ninto a nice quiet dead and breakfast? Translate:
8 Or perhaps you'd like to go\Ntreasure-haunting... Translate:
9 Iike my friend Red? Translate:
10 He wants to steal a priceless black pearl... Translate:
11 in a tasteless tidbit I call: Translate:
12 ""Dead Wait."" Translate:
13 Hey, I've been waiting for you\Nfor hours, Charlie. Translate:
14 Where the hell you been? Translate:
15 Where do you think?\NI've been tracking Duval. Translate:
16 Took me all goddamn day... Translate:
17 to find someone\Nwho'd talk to me about him. Translate:
18 Son of a bitch\Npractically owns the fucking island. Translate:
19 He's got a huge plantation\Nup in the mountains. Translate:
20 Well, hey. Translate:
21 That's where he keeps the pearl. Translate:
22 Bingo! We got him, Charlie.\NThat pearl's practically ours. Translate:
23 It ain't going to be that easy, Red. Translate:
24 Did you get the boat like I asked? Translate:
25 Yo, I've been thinking. I got a better idea. Translate:
26 -lf we hijack a plane--\N-Christ! Translate:
27 You're gonna fuck things up, aren't you? Translate:
28 If I tell you I want a boat,\NI want a goddamn boat. Translate:
29 You know, I've got ideas, too. Translate:
30 Well, fuck your ideas! Translate:
31 I'm the one that's got to do\Nall the dirty work around here. Translate:
32 When they come running to the coast... Translate:
33 I want to make damn sure\NI got a way off this stinking island. Translate:
34 Don't treat me like a fucking moron. Translate:
35 I will treat you the way I wanna treat you. Translate:
36 What's the matter with you? Translate:
37 You ought to be doing your job\Ninstead of fucking with goddamn games. Translate:
38 I got news for you, Charlie.\NChess isn't just a game, man. Translate:
39 -It's a way to improve your mind.\N-Yeah, well... Translate:
40 first you got to have a mind\Nin order to improve it. Translate:
41 Got to hand it to you, Charlie.\NYou're the one with the brains, all right. Translate:
42 But if you're so fucking smart... Translate:
43 how come you're the one that's dead? Translate:
44 Hey, that mec you were looking for.\NThat's him, Duval. Translate:
45 Mr. Duval, I'd like to introduce myself.\NMy name's Red Buckley. Translate:
46 I understand you're looking for some help\Nrunning your plantation. Translate:
47 Who told you of this? Translate:
48 It's a small island. Word gets around. Translate:
49 Yes, I would imagine it would. Translate:
50 Sit, monsieur. Translate:
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