Tales From The Crypt 3x5 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Good evening, culture vultures... Translate:
2 and welcome to another installment\Nof Mash-to-Pieces Theater. Translate:
3 Tonight we ask the question: Translate:
4 ""To be, or not to be"" Translate:
5 Or in this case,\Nan actor stuck with an average face... Translate:
6 who's so sick and tired of auditioning... Translate:
7 he's willing to do almost anything. Translate:
8 Did I say ""almost""? Translate:
9 I call this sickening saga Top Billing. Translate:
10 Does he still have a drug problem?\NJust tell me, Celia, does he? Translate:
11 I was told he's finished with rehab,\Nand now I hear that he's not. Translate:
12 Get back to me when you know\Nwhat's going on with him, okay? Translate:
13 What? Translate:
14 Yeah, sure I dated him\Nbut it was years ago... Translate:
15 a whole fucking lifetime\Nbefore all this drug stuff. Translate:
16 Yeah, he was okay in bed. Translate:
17 I mean, he wasn't great,\Nbut then again, who is? Translate:
18 All right, I've got to run, honey.\NSo you'll get back to me? Translate:
19 All right. Translate:
20 I tell you, such schmucks. Such schmucks! Translate:
21 Jenny, did Leon ever call? Translate:
22 Jenny? Translate:
23 Leon, what are you doing? Where's Jenny? Translate:
24 Jenny's dead. And you're next, bitch! Translate:
25 No, don't, Leon. Don't! Translate:
26 The silent scream is the loudest. Translate:
27 That's great. Thanks for coming in. Translate:
28 That's it? Translate:
29 Yeah, you're terrific,\Nbut you're not quite what I'm looking for. Translate:
30 Well, what do you need? I'm an actor. Translate:
31 -I need someone heavier.\N-I can wear padding. Translate:
32 I don't mean heavier. I mean bigger. Translate:
33 You don't understand. I need this job. Translate:
34 I know you do,\Nbut you're wrong for the part. Translate:
35 I need a killer. Translate:
36 Okay, how's this? I don't have any money,\NI haven't eaten in a week... Translate:
37 and I need this fucking job! Translate:
38 Great, it's great. Translate:
39 But I need someone physically larger\Nwith a tan! Translate:
40 Jenny's dead. And you're next, bitch! Translate:
41 Fuck! Translate:
42 Barry? Translate:
43 Barry Blye. Translate:
44 -Yeah, hi, Winton, how you doing?\N-I'm fine. How the hell are you? Translate:
45 How's Lisa? Translate:
46 She's still the best thing\Nthat ever happened to me. Translate:
47 -Remember that rat-hole we all lived in?\N-Yeah, I sure do. We still live there. Translate:
48 Well, it's nice chatting with you.\NI'll see you later. I gotta go. Translate:
49 Come on, Barry. Translate:
50 You can't still be angry with me\Nbecause I work for a living. Translate:
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