Tales From The Crypt 3x4 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Acorpse by any other name\Nwould smell as sweet. Translate:
2 Unless, of course, it isn't dead yet. Translate:
3 Tonight's tawdry tale... Translate:
4 is about a man who's gravely concerned\Nabout matters of life and death. Translate:
5 Why he'd care about that\Nremains to be seen. Translate:
6 I call this putrid piece... Translate:
7 Abra Cadaver. Translate:
8 You got your head up your ass, Carl. Translate:
9 You don't understand\Nwhat I'm talking about. Translate:
10 Clinical death is heart death.\NI'm talking about brain death. Translate:
11 -I understand that, believe me I do.\N-Don't patronize me, little brother. Translate:
12 -I know you better than that.\N-I'm not patronizing you, Martin. Translate:
13 I'm simply disagreeing with you,\Nthere's a difference. Translate:
14 Your idea is completely untenable. Translate:
15 Take oxygen away from someone's brain... Translate:
16 and all you have left\Nis a couple of pounds of organ meat. Translate:
17 They can't hear, they can't feel,\Nthey can't see. Translate:
18 You're as narrow-minded as everyone else. Translate:
19 -That's the pot calling the kettle black.\N-I don't have to help you, you know. Translate:
20 Nobody helped me\Nget through medical school. Translate:
21 -That's 'cause you're a fucking genius.\N-lt has nothing to do with that. Translate:
22 Becoming a surgeon is about hard work. Translate:
23 You have to make sacrifices\Nif you're gonna succeed. Translate:
24 I know. Translate:
25 And be a miserable uptight asshole,\Nlike you. Translate:
26 What are you going to do\Nif you have your own practice? Translate:
27 You gonna call me\Nin the middle of surgery... Translate:
28 because you don't know what to do? Translate:
29 You wouldn't need my help.\NI wouldn't have to be here... Translate:
30 if you took your work\Na little more seriously. Translate:
31 I need you here, Marty... Translate:
32 'cause you're gonna hold my dick for me\Nwhen I have to take a leak. Translate:
33 That's real nice, Carl. Real nice. Translate:
34 There's a mild anomaly\Nin the artery system here. Translate:
35 What is it? What are the implications? Translate:
36 We'll see. Translate:
37 The left main.... No, wait a minute. Translate:
38 -You're looking at the crux, right?\N-Shit, you are in trouble. Come on. Translate:
39 Use your damn eyes, Carl. Translate:
40 The right coronary artery\Nusually crosses the crux, right? Translate:
41 What does that tell you\Nabout this guy's problem? Translate:
42 Wait a minute.\NThe circ's supposed to feed the AV node. Translate:
43 Don't you understand\Nwhat you are looking at? Translate:
44 Come on, how the hell\Ndid you get through two years? Translate:
45 All right! All right! Translate:
46 Shit. Translate:
47 I'm weak on circ. We'll come back to it.\NLet's look at something else. Translate:
48 "We'll come back to it."" Translate:
49 Is that what you're going to say\Nwhen you take your practicals next week? Translate:
50 Gross! Next. Translate:
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