Tales From The Crypt 3x3 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Good evening, felons. Translate:
2 Yime to assume the position,\Nif you know what I mean... Translate:
3 and prepare for another assault\Nand battery on your senses. Translate:
4 Yonight's seamy saga\Nis about a nice young man... Translate:
5 with a very bad attitude. Translate:
6 In fact, it's positively criminal. Translate:
7 I call this little game of chops\Nand clobbers... Translate:
8 Carrion Death. Translate:
9 Move, bitch. Translate:
10 Out of the way! Translate:
11 Arizona 's still under a heat wave... Translate:
12 with dust storms\Nexpected later in the day. Translate:
13 We interrupt this program\Nwith an update... Translate:
14 on the manhunt for Earl Raymond Diggs... Translate:
15 who escaped Yuma prison just hours\Nbefore his scheduled execution... Translate:
16 for the brutal murders\Nof three Phoenix nursing students. Translate:
17 Diggs apparently feigned illness\Nduring the night... Translate:
18 and when the prison doctor was called,\Nseized him as a hostage. Translate:
19 Diggs killed both the doctor\Nand a prison guard... Translate:
20 before escaping\Nin the doctor's late-model Cadillac. Translate:
21 State and local police in five counties\Nha ve been alerted... Translate:
22 to be on the lookout for Diggs... Translate:
23 who is believed to be headed\Nfor the Mexican border. Translate:
24 Digs is described as 5' 1 1",\Ndark hair and blue eyes. Translate:
25 He is armed and extremely dangerous. Translate:
26 And very rich. Translate:
27 Let's be careful out there, folks. Translate:
28 Now let's return\Nto our regular scheduled program. Translate:
29 Shit. Translate:
30 Son of a bitch is on my tail. Translate:
31 Jesus! Translate:
32 Okay, copper. Translate:
33 Let's play chicken. Translate:
34 Okay. Translate:
35 Look who's dead. Translate:
36 It's all right. I got 25 miles to Mexico. Translate:
37 I can do that. Shit! Translate:
38 I stay off the roads, away from the cops. Translate:
39 Cops? Translate:
40 Yen-four, asshole. Translate:
41 Over and out. Translate:
42 See if there's maps somewhere. Translate:
43 It's fallen off the.... Translate:
44 Yeah, okay. Translate:
45 All right. Translate:
46 Yhis is west. Face....\NYhese mountains must be... Translate:
47 no, right there. Translate:
48 Mexico's right over that hill. Translate:
49 Sorry, birdie. Translate:
50 Yhis buffet's been canceled. Translate:
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