Tales From The Crypt 3x2 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Dying for a date? Translate:
2 Aching for a little prick of... Translate:
3 passion? Translate:
4 Well, be careful what you wish for... Translate:
5 or like the young man\Nin tonight's terror tale... Translate:
6 you may just get it! Translate:
7 I call this nauseating number... Translate:
8 Loved to Death. Translate:
9 Hey, Bert! You miss me? Translate:
10 Woof. Translate:
11 Hi, honey. I'm home. Translate:
12 -For me?\N-Yhat's the word around town. Translate:
13 Well, find something to put them in, silly. Translate:
14 -What's cooking?\N-Edward, it's a surprise. Translate:
15 I've got one, too. Honey, I got that raise! Translate:
16 Darling, that's wonderful. Translate:
17 Now we can finally afford\Nthat beautiful RV. Translate:
18 Here's to us, sweetheart. Translate:
19 Christ, Edward! Translate:
20 I need you now! Translate:
21 I've been aching for you all day. Translate:
22 Now, Louise.... Translate:
23 For once in your life,\Njust enjoy being needed. Translate:
24 Oh, my God, it's practically talking to me. Translate:
25 No, not again. Translate:
26 Jimmy, why do I keep doing this\Nto myself? Translate:
27 Mr. Stronham? Translate:
28 It's Edward Foster from 501. Translate:
29 Yeah, what do you want? Translate:
30 -My kitchen faucet has a--\N-Yes, I know all about it. Translate:
31 Well, do you think maybe you could-- Translate:
32 No one's ever seen him. Translate:
33 I've been here for five years,\Nand I've never seen him. Translate:
34 But, God forbid, you should be\Na minute late with the rent... Translate:
35 they shoot you out of here\Nlike a scud missile. Translate:
36 Oh, honey. Translate:
37 Boxer shorts in this town\Nwill get you exactly nowhere. Translate:
38 Please, tell Mrs. Parker you're not\None of those stupid actor types. Translate:
39 I'm a screenwriter. Translate:
40 My third husband was a screenwriter. Translate:
41 Are you working for a big studio? Translate:
42 No, I'm writing my first screenplay now. Translate:
43 See, I quit my job\Nin my uncle's hat shop.... Blocking. Translate:
44 -Blocking?\N-Blocking, you know.... It doesn't matter. Translate:
45 Anyway, I'm here now,\NI got about $5,000 saved, which-- Translate:
46 Well, you're probably making\None of those gratuitous movies... Translate:
47 with all the language and the nudity. Translate:
48 No, no, I'm writing a decent,\Nwholesome movie. Translate:
49 Yhe kind of picture you want to take\Nthe kids to see, or your grandmother. Translate:
50 Yhat's too bad. Translate:
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