The.L.Word.S01E06 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [Maetee]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 You ready?\NI'll bet you are. Translate:
2 You just gonna stand there, or are you\Ngoing to do something with this? Translate:
3 Go on. Take that meat. Translate:
4 Twenty-four. Number twenty-four?\NGod. Translate:
5 Stephen Green, you fuckin' faggot, you have\Nthe right to remain silent. Anything you\Nsay can and will be used against you. Translate:
6 The L Word\N Lawfully Translate:
7 Fuck! Mom! Shit!\NWasn't my fault, wasn't my fault.\NThat machine is just... Translate:
8 Oh, fuck... Christ. Allright.\NWhat the fu... aw, god, Mom! Ah, fuck! Translate:
9 Okay, do you know how much that\Nespresso maker costs, mom?\NWhat... what's that? What are you doing? Translate:
10 My name. Okay, this is not something\Nyou just go and write your name on,\Nlike you're giving some sort of autograph. Translate:
11 I know that, Alice. I'm not stupid, I understand\Nthe purpose of your chart. That's why I wrote my name.\NRight there, off of Shane. Translate:
12 Shane. Mm-hmm. Remember the other night\Nat the party, when we were talking? Translate:
13 Yeah, we were all talking.\NYou can't be on the chart for talking.\NI know, would you listen to my story? Translate:
14 We were talking, and at the end of the evening,\Nwhen we were saying our goodbyes... we had a moment. Translate:
15 A moment. A romantic moment. And I have to say,\NI'm not sure that I haven't been limiting myself... Translate:
16 ... in being exclusively with men. Um...\NI need you to tell me exactly what happened. Translate:
17 We kissed. At first, it was casual,\Nbut then it became... intimate. French. Translate:
18 Baby, are you okay?\NHello? Daddy, you're here! Translate:
19 No, everything's just great.\NWhat? Translate:
20 Wonder what he's gonna say when we tell him.\NHe is gonna be so excited. Translate:
21 What should we tell him\Nwhen he asks about the last name?\NWhy do we have to bring it up? Translate:
22 Well, I'm not saying that we should,\Njust, you know, if he does. Just might be\Neasier to use Kennard-Porter, I think. Translate:
23 I don't think we should tell him\Nanything that might not be true.\NYou know how your father is. Translate:
24 How is he? I think we should do some\Nsort of combo thing. You know?\NInstead of the whole hyphenated thing? Translate:
25 What, like, "Portard"? Bette...\N"Hey, Poor Tard, how's your two moms,\Nya big gay-mo?" Translate:
26 Or whatever it's gonna be in 2015.\NOkay, fine. What about Kenter, then? Translate:
27 It has a nice sound to it, doesn't it?\NYou're right. We should just...\Ntry not to talk about it tonight. Translate:
28 Nice, Dana. Much better.\NThank you. Translate:
29 I'm gonna have Andrew come by this week\Nand test the speed of that serve, allright? Translate:
30 Allright, sounds good. Thank you,\NI'll see you in a bit, okay?\NGood stuff. Allright. Translate:
31 Hi. Hey.\NHow are you? Translate:
32 Mmm. So, my serve is faster.\NCool. Translate:
33 So who is the sexiest\Ntennis player in the world?\NAnna Kournikova ? Translate:
34 Hey! Hey. So. Guess who's having an\Nevent tonight and wants you to come? Translate:
35 Subaru?\NWho are you? Her psychic? Translate:
36 Yeah. So, uh, Subaru's hosting a dinner.\NSome kind of charity event, to support\Nthe arts in, uh, public schools. Translate:
37 It'll be teeming with the who's who.\NHow hot is that? Translate:
38 That's very hot.\NSee how you're a star? So, where is it? Translate:
39 Morton's. 8 o'clock.\NI'm so excited! It's gonna be so great. Translate:
40 You are so fucking hot.\NI wanna have sex with you right now. Translate:
41 Allright. Still here, ladies.\NSorry. Translate:
42 Yeah, ah. Don't apologize. Hey, you know what?\NEver wanna... mix it up, let me know! Translate:
43 I'm kidding. I'm kidding, I'm just kidding.\NI'm gonna get back to work.\NUm... I will see you later. Translate:
44 It was nice meeting you. I think.\NIt's a joke. A joke.\NJust a... just a joke. Translate:
45 She's cute. Really cute. Translate:
46 So, about tonight, I think you should\Nbring Harrison. He's your doubles partner,\Nit's what people want to see. Translate:
47 Dana? I ... Dana?\NYou wanna call him? Or should I? Translate:
48 I mean, I'd really...\Nlove to say that it's not true, but...\NOh, my god... Translate:
49 Ah, shit. I don't know, man, your mom...\Nall I know is I was saying goodbye,\Nand the next thing I know, she just... Fuck. Translate:
50 I don't know. I'm thinking maybe those drinks\Nwere a little strong. You know what this means?\NThis means I can never be gay again! Translate:
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