The.L.Word.S01E14 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [Maetee]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Take me somewhere Translate:
2 So when do I see you again? Translate:
3 What are you doing\Non Thursday night? Translate:
4 My neighbor, Bette...\Nshe's having a thingamajiggy. Translate:
5 What? Translate:
6 I have something on Thursday. Translate:
7 - Really?\N- Yeah\N- Fuck Translate:
8 If she asked me today,\NI would say no. Translate:
9 I would.\N- You would? Translate:
10 Yes. Translate:
11 I have a date tonight.\N- Oh, you do?\N- I do. Translate:
12 What?\N- I'm a little jealous. Translate:
13 You are? That's good. Translate:
14 Yeah, it is. Translate:
15 Stop. Translate:
16 You don't want this showing up\Non your credit card statement. Translate:
17 You can't always be in control. Translate:
18 We need a plumber! Translate:
19 We're gonna need a carpenter, too,\Nif we're gonna make this place presentable. Translate:
20 I know one. She's working for Bette\Nat the C.A.C. Her name's Candace.\NAnd she is making a packet, too. Translate:
21 Well, then maybe she'll give us a break.\N- Yeah? Translate:
22 Yeah, call her\N- Okay. Translate:
23 James. Hey. It's Tina.\NIs, uh, is Bette there? Translate:
24 Oh, no, no, no, no, just, uh,\Nhave her call me when she gets in. Um... Translate:
25 do you happen to have a number\Nfor Candace Jewell? Yeah? Good. Translate:
26 Hey! Translate:
27 Hi. So what do you think? Translate:
28 I think it's awesome. I love it. Translate:
29 So why the fuck did you do it? Translate:
30 -Steve -You know, when you're in business\Nwith someone, you gottalearn to keep it in\Nyour pants when you're around their family. Translate:
31 Now, I already knew my daughter was\Ninto girls; that's not news to me. Translate:
32 Maybe she was experimenting.\NMaybe it's a phase.\NBottom line is this - Translate:
33 Steve, I didn't -\N- Bottom line... is this. Translate:
34 If I'm in business with a guy, and he goes\Nfor my daughter, I say, "Is he honest?\NIs he a good man? Will he treat her right?" Translate:
35 Steve, I didn't sleep with your daughter - Translate:
36 Don't bullshit me, Shane.\N'Cause I'm already cuttin' you a\Nwhole shitload of slack, here. Translate:
37 Now, one thing, I gotta warn you.\NCherie's on the warpath. Translate:
38 She'll calm down for sure, but right about now,\Nshe wants you drawn and quartered. Translate:
39 She doesn't like our kid\Nbeing gay, you know? Translate:
40 No matter how evolved we are,\Nit's still not an easy - Translate:
41 Look, Shane. Sh - Shane! What the fuck! Translate:
42 Cherie, will you open the gate. Translate:
43 Listen, I know you're in there and\NI'm not leaving 'til you come outside. Translate:
44 Open the gate! Translate:
45 Hi. Look, I just wanted to let you know\Nmy parents are really mad right now, but -\N- Clea, get out of my car, man. Translate:
46 Look, I don't understand. The reality of you\Nand me I think is just freaking them out -\N- Clea, Clea, Clea, Clea, Clea! - Translate:
47 There is no reality of you and me!\N- Oh, my god, Shane. Translate:
48 There never was, I've told you that\NI love someone else! Translate:
49 Agh! You know what, I have never seen\Nyou with this person! Who is this person? Translate:
50 Because it's complicated!\NYou will never see her! -\N- I love you, okay! She doesn't! Translate:
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