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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [Maetee]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Look. When I say I've been with people, I don't mean 20 or 30. Translate:
2 Okay, so what? Like, hundreds, thousands? What? Translate:
3 Somewhere between... 950 and 1200 since I was 14. Translate:
4 Whoa. Well, whatever, you know, it doesn't matter. I don't care. Translate:
5 I turned tricks in Santa Monica with my friend, Clive. Translate:
6 And all these guys thought I was some little street fag and I could've been killed. Translate:
7 That's so cool when you think about it, right? Translate:
8 Clea, it's not cool. Listen, I like you. But what you want from me isn't gonna happen. Translate:
9 Okay, you know... I know, it's because of my father, right? You guys, you have this business together - Translate:
10 Clea, I'm involved with someone. Translate:
11 Oh. Translate:
12 Are you in love with her? Translate:
13 Yeah Translate:
14 I am. Translate:
15 Hey, girl. Translate:
16 Hey, you okay? Translate:
17 Hey, you hang in there. She'll be back before you know it. Translate:
18 I hope not. Translate:
19 Oh. Okay! Well, you finally said it. Can I say what it is now? Translate:
20 You deserve to be happy Translate:
21 Your happiness is just as important as anybody else's. Translate:
22 C'mon, The Planet is yours.\NIf you and Francesca are splitting up, she's not gonna take it away from you. Translate:
23 Yes, she is Translate:
24 At best, she wants to be bought out Translate:
25 I sat up all night trying to figure out how I can come up with that much money. Translate:
26 That's a lot of money. Translate:
27 I worked so hard. Translate:
28 Where's Trish? Translate:
29 I decided to cool it for a while. Translate:
30 Oh, yeah? Translate:
31 Why? Translate:
32 I was accepted at the G.S.I.E. I'm finally, uh, getting my teaching degree Translate:
33 Wow, that's... that's amazing Translate:
34 Yeah, so, when I switch departments, Trish and I can see one another again if... Translate:
35 if we still want to Translate:
36 Did she cry? Translate:
37 When you told her you had to break up with her? Translate:
38 Yeah. She did. Translate:
39 How's your writing? Translate:
40 It's good. I'm actually, um... working on a story right now. Translate:
41 About a woman that's been mute from birth, and then she discovers that... Translate:
42 she's able to speak the language of manatees. Translate:
43 Allright! Allright, give it up! Let's have some love, for that was Phil McCockin! Translate:
44 Allright, now. For our final king of the night, let's give a good, hot welcome to Ivan Aycock! Translate:
45 Hey, isn't that Robin, that girl Jenny's going out with, right there? Translate:
46 Oh, yeah it is. Translate:
47 I have a date on Wednesday night. Translate:
48 Anyone I know? Translate:
49 Um... no. Her name is Robin. Translate:
50 And, uh, I met her at Palm Springs when I, you know, when I went with Tina and all of them. Translate:
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