The.L.Word.S01E07 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [Maetee]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Hey, Roxanne, you got time to lean,\Nyou got time to clean. Let's go. Translate:
2 That's more like it. Translate:
3 What a tool. Translate:
4 (breathes heavily) Translate:
5 l don't want him comin'back no more Translate:
6 No, l don't want him comin'back no more Translate:
7 No, l don't want him comin'back no more... Translate:
8 Oh, good, he brought him. Divine, no? Translate:
9 - Hey!\N- Ah, ah, ah! No, no, no! Translate:
10 Who raised you, wolves? Translate:
11 We make with some introductions\Nbefore we reach for the drugs. Translate:
12 - What the fuck...?\N- Harry, Shane. Shane, Harry. Translate:
13 You are delicious. Translate:
14 - Why didn't you tell him?\N- l didn't have a chance. Translate:
15 - Tell me what?\N- Well, Harry, Shane's a... Translate:
16 Shane's a what?\NAn ex-con? A murderer, perhaps? Translate:
17 Please tell me you're not heterosexual! Translate:
18 l'm a girl. Female. Harry. Translate:
19 (laughs) My, my, my!\NAndrogyny confounds, doesn't it? Translate:
20 l suppose it's revolutionary\Nbut l must admit l am disappointed Translate:
21 because it's always the skinny boys\Nthat have... Ooh! .. the biggest cocks. Translate:
22 You're a fucking charmer. Translate:
23 Just gorgeous. Ooh! Translate:
24 l don't want... Translate:
25 ls there anything l can do for you?\NAnything at all? Translate:
26 - You don't feel sick, do you?\N- Just awake. That's good, though. Translate:
27 You can sleep on the plane. Translate:
28 We'll have a couple of hours\Nat the hotel before the opening. Translate:
29 lf you could have anything right now,\Nwhat would it be? Translate:
30 Something cold. Like sorbet, only sweeter. Translate:
31 Like those rocket popsicle things. Translate:
32 A Slurpee. OK. Translate:
33 Slurpee. Translate:
34 (pumping music) Translate:
35 Shane and l turned tricks\Nin Santa Monica for six months. Translate:
36 Really? What did... What did our friend do? Translate:
37 She only gave hand jobs,\Nno matter how much they offered her. Translate:
38 - She could've made a lot of money.\N- That... is called integrity. Translate:
39 Unfortunately, it's not\Nsomething that you can buy or steal. Translate:
40 D'you think... l don't know,\Nd'you think she would...? Translate:
41 Shane? No, no. She's through with that.\NShe's a hairstylist now. Translate:
42 Well, sort of a junior\Nassistant shampoo girl, aspiring... Translate:
43 - So, are you good at it?\N- Good at what? Translate:
44 Because l am going to send you\NCherie Jaffe, my business partner's wife. Translate:
45 lf there's a corporation of Hollywood wives,\NCherie Jaffe is the CEO. Translate:
46 - So what?\N- So, if she likes what you do to her, Translate:
47 you'll be the hottest hairdresser\NHollywood has ever seen. Translate:
48 - Have a bump, Clive.\N- Thank you. Translate:
49 ls this not the coolest-looking bullet\Nyou've ever seen? Translate:
50 Good. Translate:
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