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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 There are likely no Titans\Namong the 104th Cadet Corps recruits! Translate:
2 Multiple Titans from the south! Translate:
3 Wall Rose has been breached! Translate:
4 The 104th Cadet Corps were kept isolated\Nunder suspicion of Titans within their ranks. Translate:
5 But with the sudden appearance of Titans,\Ncouriers were dispatched to warn each district. Translate:
6 As you may know, Translate:
7 today marks the new darkest day\Nin humanity's history! Translate:
8 If ever humankind needed\Nto give its all, that time is now! Translate:
9 However... Translate:
10 What?! Translate:
11 They all started sprinting! Translate:
12 The cause of this crisis remains in the dark. Translate:
13 For now, no one yet knows. Translate:
14 I must say, what a clever idea. Translate:
15 "I'm Home" Translate:
16 "Trost District" Translate:
17 Commander Pyxis! Translate:
18 Titans have been spotted! Translate:
19 Wall Rose has been breached! Translate:
20 Hmm. Translate:
21 "Stohess District" Translate:
22 What the hell does all this mean? Translate:
23 Damn it! Translate:
24 But... Translate:
25 Would Titans break walls with Titans in them? Translate:
26 It's happened before.\NThey busted the wall into our city. Translate:
27 That was a gate. Translate:
28 Armin? What are you saying? Translate:
29 The thing about the walls... Translate:
30 There's no crevices between the rocks\Nor any signs of cracking. Translate:
31 We can't really tell how they're made. Translate:
32 So what if they're made \Nof hardened Titan skin? Translate:
33 It must be pretty versatile\Nif Annie can encase herself. Translate:
34 Titans... in the wall... Translate:
35 Section Commander! What are you doing? Translate:
36 We're supposed to leave in 5 minutes! Translate:
37 Please hurry up! Translate:
38 There's something I need to confirm-- Translate:
39 Hey. Translate:
40 Get moving. Translate:
41 Ah, sorry! Translate:
42 What about him? Translate:
43 He's been ready for a while now. Translate:
44 Eren. Wear it right. Translate:
45 It's cold at night. Translate:
46 Sorry to keep ya! Translate:
47 Took longer to prepare than we thought. Translate:
48 Um... Translate:
49 Isn't this a priest from \Nthe Order of the Walls? Translate:
50 Yeah. Nick and I are best buddies. Translate:
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