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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [BaronLalita]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 What have you done to that\Nwoman over there? Huh? Translate:
2 Tonight, I didn't give her\Nportion, guy./ What's it? Translate:
3 I didn't give her portion! Translate:
4 If so, I'II give your portion!/ What's that? Translate:
5 CooI! Let's have a toast!/ Cheers! Translate:
6 Drink it! Translate:
7 Pretty, guy! Translate:
8 'One Month Later' Translate:
9 Come on, baby. You eat first, OK. Translate:
10 So, you'II get weII soon. Here, baby.../ No! Translate:
11 Hey, why? Rheina's good\Nenough to feed you. Translate:
12 I didn't want her to do\Nthat. And I don't know her! Translate:
13 Fin, the CIub has asked when\NFerdy wiII begin his DJ job again. Translate:
14 I'm confused to answer. Translate:
15 You know it yourseIf! You know\Nit yourseIf what mood he's in. Translate:
16 The doctor said his memory\NprobabIy couIdn't recover 100%. Translate:
17 His mood may change\Nthis way, that way.../ Yeah. Translate:
18 Look, how if you take him to the CIub? Translate:
19 Who knows his memory wiII\Nrecover IittIe by IittIe?/ Ah, ah... Translate:
20 Don't just Iaugh! Take him there!/ Yeah... Translate:
21 Do it!/ Yeah. Translate:
22 Buddy... buddy, Iet's go! Translate:
23 Hi, Ferdy./ HeIIo! Translate:
24 HeIIo, heIIo!/ Hi, Fer!/ HeIIo, too! Translate:
25 Hi, Ferdy, how are you?/\NFine! Fine! We're fine, right? Translate:
26 You're a DJ here. Translate:
27 Look, aII your friends have\Nmissed your rubbing hands. Translate:
28 Disc... disc... rubbing, rubbing...\Nrubbing records, disc, disc...! Translate:
29 Over there... there.../ What\Nfor?/ There. Go over there. Translate:
30 Do it properIy! Translate:
31 Hi, babe. You Iook tired. Are you OK? Translate:
32 Hi, babe. I'm a Iot better now...\Nthat I see you are beautifuI. Translate:
33 Bye. Translate:
34 Hey, good morning, honey./\NYou skipped cIass, right? Translate:
35 You've regained your memory?\NHow do you know I skipped cIass? Translate:
36 Of course, it's 8 a.m. And\Nthis is your campus time. Translate:
37 You sureIy skipped cIass./\NWeII, don't keep quarreIIing. Translate:
38 Rheina missed you. OK,\NI'm going, bye./ Bye. Translate:
39 Honey, I want to have refreshing\Nwith you./ You better just go home. Translate:
40 I reaIIy need refreshing, but not with you. Translate:
41 Yah... honey...! Translate:
42 Oh my! Translate:
43 Use the sign if you want to turn. Speak up! Translate:
44 Are you happy if your friend\Nis disabIed? You happy...? Translate:
45 You just seem Iike coming to\Nmy house for the first time. Translate:
46 BIame that beam. Don't bIame me. Translate:
47 What're you doing, buddy? Translate:
48 Why are you now addicted to\Nwebcam with that white girI? Translate:
49 How come you wanna know everything! Translate:
50 I must know. As your friend, I must know. Translate:
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