Steven Universe - 04x15 - The New Crystal Gems.HDT [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [ampindy]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\i1}- # We #\N- # Are the Crystal #{\i} Translate:
2 {\i1}- # Gems #\N- # we'll always save the day #{\i} Translate:
3 {\i1} and if you think we can't {\i} Translate:
4 {\i1} we'll always find a way {\i} Translate:
5 {\i1}- # that's why the people #\N- # of this world #{\i} Translate:
6 {\i1} believe in...\NGarnet {\i} Translate:
7 {\i1}- # Amethyst #\N- # and Pearl #{\i} Translate:
8 {\i1} And Steven! {\i} Translate:
9 {\i1}~ Addic7ed.com ~{\i} Translate:
10 Oh!\NGood, old natural sand! Translate:
11 That fancy zoo sand\Nwas too fine for me. Translate:
12 - Hey! Steven!\N- Connie! Translate:
13 You're back,\Nand you're okay! Translate:
14 Did you get\Nyour ears pierced? Translate:
15 Oh, man, you're not gonna\Nbelieve what happened! Translate:
16 We went to a far-off\Nspace station, Translate:
17 we made some new friends, we\Nwarped the space-time continuum! Translate:
18 I'm sorry we\Nleft you behind. Translate:
19 It's okay. You were really\Nworried about your dad. Translate:
20 I'm just glad\Nyou're all back safe. Translate:
21 Yep ... all thanks\Nto this guy. Translate:
22 Did anything happen\Nwhile we were gone? Translate:
23 Uh...\NLion behaved himself, Translate:
24 I restocked all the cereal\Nand washed all the towels. Translate:
25 Sounds like everything\Nwent well. Translate:
26 Well, there was\Na little trouble... Translate:
27 When I got that\Ncall from you, Translate:
28 I could tell you had\Na lot going on. Translate:
29 {\i1} Dad's in trouble and we need{\i} Translate:
30 {\i1} to go into space\Nto get him back!{\i} Translate:
31 I can get there in 15. Translate:
32 Or actually maybe 20, 25 'cause\NI might have to take the bus ... Translate:
33 {\i1} There's no time!\NWe're going right now.{\i} Translate:
34 {\i1} Just protect Beach City for me\Nwhile we're gone!{\i} Translate:
35 You can count on me! Translate:
36 It was a big job\Nfor one person, Translate:
37 but I felt\Nup to the challenge. Translate:
38 I made my way over\Nto your house, Translate:
39 and that's when I realized... Translate:
40 I wasn't alone. Translate:
41 Hyah! Translate:
42 Uh, don't you knock? Translate:
43 Weirdo. Translate:
44 Lapis?\NPeridot? Translate:
45 What are you doing here? Translate:
46 Just showing off\Nmy old room to ... Translate:
47 Oh, wait. Translate:
48 Actually, that's none\Nof your business! Translate:
49 Who is this, and what is she\Ndoing in Steven's house? Translate:
50 That's Steven's third-best\Nfriend after me and you. Translate:
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