Californication S02E07 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Previously on Californication... Translate:
2 - That's it! Big, stop the van!\N- What? Translate:
3 Ovitz! Hit the bricks!\NSee you at the Oscars, pal. Translate:
4 I've been busting my nuts for weeks\Njust to get a meeting with Ronny Praeger. Translate:
5 You got Daisy the part! Translate:
6 I had to invest 100 grand in his movie. Translate:
7 You don't know me.\NHank Moody. I'm a writer. Translate:
8 I want to ask you a question\Nabout Lew Ashby. Translate:
9 Call me "He who will kill you\Nif you touch his daughter." Translate:
10 - She's pretty awesome.\N- She is. Translate:
11 That thirsty little nose\Nof yours is costing us some money. Translate:
12 You just put the bulk of our nest egg\Ninto a movie called Vaginatown. Translate:
13 - What's wrong with Clittes?\N- Coke dick. Translate:
14 We need a stunt cock. Translate:
15 You will get in there and drive Miss Daisy. Translate:
16 Did we get that? Translate:
17 I have many vices, my friend,\Nbut jailbaiting ain't one of them. Translate:
18 Excuse me, gents. Translate:
19 All right, repeat after me. I will never... Translate:
20 "I will never..." Translate:
21 ...ever...\N- "...ever..." Translate:
22 ...fuck Mia again. Translate:
23 "...fuck Mia again." Translate:
24 Thank you. Translate:
25 Jesus. Just saying it gets me wet. Translate:
26 Fuck you. Find somebody else\Nto pen your sordid fucking tale. Translate:
27 Don't leave. We got a good thing going. It's\Nbeen a long time since I had me a... friend. Translate:
28 Shucks, I'm almost touched, Translate:
29 but you can't expect me to indulge\Nyour every fucking depraved whim. Translate:
30 Jesus Christ. I just realised\Nwhat it must be like to live with me. Translate:
31 I really didn't think you were gonna be\Nsuch a fucking ninny about the whole thing. Translate:
32 A "ninny"? Translate:
33 Because I've had my share of the tang? Translate:
34 Because I have my own\Nsordid past to contend with? Translate:
35 No, because she told me\Nthat you guys fucked. Translate:
36 - Be that as it may...\N- Repeat after me... Translate:
37 You got to get me out of this shit, Charlie. Translate:
38 I can't get you out of anything.\NYou signed a fucking contract. Translate:
39 Since when has that ever mattered? Translate:
40 It's either this or you do the adaptation\Nof Fucking And Punching. Translate:
41 Wait, sorry, I take that back.\NI don't think I can get you that job. Translate:
42 I can't take it. The guy's gone Kurtz.\NHe needs a doctor, not a biographer. Translate:
43 No one said you had\Nto move in with the guy. Translate:
44 You never do anything halfway, do you? Translate:
45 - Says the man holding the plastic ass-gina.\N- Hey. Translate:
46 What the fuck are we doing here, anyway? Translate:
47 Hello! Translate:
48 I'm edumacating myself\Nas to the various marketing opportunities Translate:
49 available to the young porn starlet. Translate:
50 - Holy shit. You really like this girl, huh?\N- Yeah, of course I like her. Translate:
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