Californication.S02E04 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Previously on Californication... Translate:
2 - Sonja. Hey.\N- Awkward. Translate:
3 Nice to see you again. Translate:
4 I am pregnant.\NYou didn't notice my bump? Translate:
5 - Julian's a writer, too.\N- Really? My condolences. Translate:
6 I like to think of myself\Nas more of a creative midwife. Translate:
7 What, you're officially back together? Translate:
8 - Until we fuck it up.\N- Could be any second now. Translate:
9 Hank! Translate:
10 I got this book deal. Translate:
11 They want to write about\Nwhy everything I touch turns to gold. Translate:
12 You write it. Translate:
13 - Beatrice Trixie.\N- Hank Moody. Translate:
14 One girl, two cocks,\Nultimate showdown! Translate:
15 I've had both of them,\Nbut what they seem to forget Translate:
16 - is that they both paid for the sex.\N- Have we met? Translate:
17 You always have\Nsome fucking excuse! Translate:
18 This fucking perv\Njust tried to mouth-rape me. Translate:
19 I accidentally went down on her. Translate:
20 I fucking hate you! Translate:
21 If you sit here,\Npeople are gonna think you're weird. Translate:
22 And here I was,\Nplanning to run for prom queen. Translate:
23 Back to work, assholes! Translate:
24 We're making rock history here! Translate:
25 Woman! What are you doing?\NI'm rocking "medium" now. Translate:
26 86th percentile.\NDon't shut the Free Bird down. Translate:
27 What happened to the clearing up? Translate:
28 Well, I kind of focused on the patio. Translate:
29 And then I was summoned\Nby the gods of rock. Translate:
30 One must take heed of that shit. Translate:
31 Right. We're having a dinner party. Translate:
32 So why would you focus on the patio? Translate:
33 God! When you say it out loud\Nlike that, it sounds awful. Translate:
34 - Is it too late to call off?\N- Stop it. It's gonna be fun, right? Translate:
35 Really? Translate:
36 Cos I think it's gonna be like\Nhaving a Q-tip jammed up my urethra. Translate:
37 For three hours. Without lube. Translate:
38 Which could be fun if you do it to me. Translate:
39 - Wanna?\N- Hank... Translate:
40 Come on. Let's get going. Translate:
41 But I think you should\Ncheck out the patio. Translate:
42 - No, no, no. I gotta...\N- I think you'll be pleased. Translate:
43 Judas Priest, Hank. Translate:
44 What are you up to? Translate:
45 I was hoping you'd finally make\Nan honest woman of me. Translate:
46 What is that? Translate:
47 Is it not jaw-droppingly beautiful? Translate:
48 Does it not to make\Nthe love juices to flow? Translate:
49 Hank... Translate:
50 I thought you gave that\Nto a homeless woman. Translate:
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