Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
451 Are you tucking me in or avoiding Mom? Translate:
452 What, I can't do two things at once? Translate:
453 - Was it worth it?\N- What? Translate:
454 Whatever you did to piss her off. Translate:
455 How was school? Translate:
456 - Fine.\N- Fine? Translate:
457 Already your vocabulary\Nhas decreased. Translate:
458 I met someone\Nwith frontal-lobe capacity. Translate:
459 - Name?\N- Damien. Translate:
460 They have girls named Damien now? Translate:
461 We're I.M. Ing as we speak. Translate:
462 Not anymore, honey. Translate:
463 T.T.Y. L., Damien.\NT.T.Y. L. Translate:
464 I heart you. Translate:
465 My God. You reek of cigarettes. Translate:
466 Yes, but they're not my cigarettes. Translate:
467 Hank...\NWhat are you doing? Translate:
468 I am charming you into our first post-snip,\Nsafe/unsafe romance explosion. Translate:
469 Are you as excited as I am? Translate:
470 No. Translate:
471 No? That's it? No? Translate:
472 Nothing about you is really turning me on\Nright now. Translate:
473 There's always angry sex. Translate:
474 - You actually think this is funny?\N- It's a little funny. Translate:
475 You think sleeping with prostitutes\Nis fucking funny? Translate:
476 One prostitute, and I didn't even know\Nshe was a prostitute until after. Translate:
477 You mean until after you paid her\Nto have sex with you? Translate:
478 - Technically, Charlie paid for the sex.\N- That's disgusting. Translate:
479 But you met her. She was nice, right?\NShe didn't seem like a prostitute, did she? Translate:
480 I have no idea, Hank.\NI mean, you're the expert. You tell me. Translate:
481 Is there like a group discount thing? Translate:
482 Do you have a little punch card\Nthat you use? Translate:
483 One time. I was lonely.\NShe was nice. Translate:
484 And I don't think that's any worse\Nthan buying somebody a drink. Translate:
485 It's more honest.\NThere's no bullshit element of seduction. Translate:
486 - What right does the government have...\N- Please! Shut the fuck up, Hank, OK? Translate:
487 Don't give me one of\Nyour fucking bullshit lectures Translate:
488 on libertarianism right now! Translate:
489 Honey, that makes me kind of sad,\Ncos you used to love my bullshit lectures. Translate:
490 - You're still fucking joking.\N- How could I be... We weren't together. Translate:
491 I'm not gonna be held accountable\Nfor those sins. Translate:
492 No, of course not.\NYou're not accountable for any of it. Translate:
493 "Oops, I accidentally went down on her.\NNot my fault." Translate:
494 "Officer, you know, that cop,\Nhe provoked me." Translate:
495 I mean, Hank, you always\Nhave some fucking excuse! Translate:
496 And I'm just meant\Nto stand here and accept it Translate:
497 over and over again\Nand I'm sick of it! Translate:
498 Fuck, Karen, you want to be mad\Nabout that shit? Go ahead. Translate:
499 But just don't give me bullshit\Nabout how you forgive me Translate:
500 and then dredge up shit from the past\Nthat I can't possibly fix! Translate:
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