Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
351 Asshole, shut the fuck up! Translate:
352 OK! I'll mind my business. Translate:
353 I'm just a passenger on the Slam Van. Translate:
354 Just along for the ride.\NAlthough I got to say, Daisy, Translate:
355 I'm a little bit surprised\Nto see you like this. Translate:
356 What are you talking about?\NYou knew I did porn. Translate:
357 Yes, I did, but the girl\NI met back at Hot Lips Translate:
358 had bigger plans for herself. Translate:
359 She had goals, dreams and ambition. Translate:
360 She did not, and I quote,\N"Want to end up the ass-licker." Translate:
361 Well, I'm not.\NYou see any other girls in this van? Translate:
362 I'm totally the star of this production. Translate:
363 This production is one notch\Nabove snuff film. Translate:
364 Easy, brother.\NTwo more payments, and I own this van. Translate:
365 Did you negotiate\Nbefore you got on this van, Daisy? Translate:
366 Did you lay clear rules for what\Nyou will and will not do? Translate:
367 No. Translate:
368 Then how you gonna get respect\Nand get paid accordingly? Translate:
369 What's the industry standard?\NDouble for anal? Translate:
370 - Dumb shit, we're shooting in a van.\N- So what? Translate:
371 Does fairness not exist in a van? Translate:
372 Just because we're not on a sound stage, Translate:
373 does this young lady\Nnot deserve the same dignity and respect Translate:
374 as someone on a sitcom\Nor a Broadway play? Translate:
375 Look, Mr. Runkle, it's fine, really. Translate:
376 No, Daisy, it is not fine. Translate:
377 There's a limit to how much someone\Ncan get fucked in the ass Translate:
378 without getting paid for it! Translate:
379 And you, young lady, today,\Nhave reached that limit! Translate:
380 - That's it! Big, stop the van!\N- What? Translate:
381 Ovitz! Hit the bricks!\NGet the fuck out! Translate:
382 With pleasure! Translate:
383 - Daisy?\N- I'm good. Translate:
384 Little girl, you're going too, sweetheart.\NGo make your dreams come true. Translate:
385 - But I didn't do anything!\N- O-u-g-h-t! Out! Translate:
386 She's real scared of you. Translate:
387 Let me tell you something, Al Goldstein.\NTalent runs this town! Translate:
388 See you at the Oscars, pal. Let's go! Translate:
389 Let's just shoot it solo, baby. Translate:
390 You left your shirt. Translate:
391 No problem. Translate:
392 - Here you go.\N- Thank you. Translate:
393 Looks good. Translate:
394 Where the fuck are we? Translate:
395 It's basic instinct, really. Translate:
396 When I see a girl in trouble, I just react.\NI don't think. I just do. Translate:
397 Hank Moody, my hero. Translate:
398 Just say the word if you want\Nto be properly rewarded. Translate:
399 My treat, of course. Translate:
400 Seriously, you'd comp him? Translate:
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