Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
301 Some sort of punishment. Translate:
302 I'm sorry. I talk a lot. Translate:
303 You do. Translate:
304 And you forgot\Nthe most important part... Translate:
305 Are you any good? Translate:
306 You know, Guitar Hero. Translate:
307 Man, I think I just found\Nthe keys to my chi. Translate:
308 How's Trix? Translate:
309 She was fantastic.\NShe was a real dame. Translate:
310 We didn't do anything, though.\NWe just hung out. Translate:
311 If I knew you were just gonna hang out,\Ntalk about your feelings, Translate:
312 I would've gone with Trixie. She's\Nmy favourite, my best. Totally gets me. Translate:
313 I know you reside in a whole\Nother solar system and shit, Translate:
314 but in mine,\NI don't cheat on my girl. Translate:
315 Ladies and gentlemen.\NHank Moody, debauched moralist. Translate:
316 Why don't you tell me more\Nabout your girl? Translate:
317 - What girl?\N- You know, the one that got away. Translate:
318 The one with the house in Beverly Hills.\NYour Daisy Buchanan. Translate:
319 That's not cool, Moody,\Ncalling back that shit. I was gorked. Translate:
320 I don't talk about that stuff in broad daylight. Translate:
321 I'm writing your biography. Translate:
322 You might want to start getting comfortable\Nwith talking. Translate:
323 This is it, Lew. I am done. Translate:
324 No more of you\Nand your fucking white-trash lottery winners! Translate:
325 - What's wrong, sweetheart?\N- That asshole got rough with me, Translate:
326 and he went way off the fucking menu! Translate:
327 - What'd he do? You all right?\N- I'm fine! Translate:
328 - Luckily, he's a quick comer.\N- I'm sorry, Trix. Translate:
329 They're animals.\NThey don't know any better. Translate:
330 Someone's gonna have to deal Translate:
331 with the Cleveland steamer\Nthat he left on your coffee table. Translate:
332 - Really.\N- Jesus! Translate:
333 Consuela! Translate:
334 - You're a fucking prick! You know that?\N- Thank you. Translate:
335 Show some respect. Translate:
336 What, to a fucking whore? Come on. Translate:
337 What the fuck are you doing, Moody? Translate:
338 Slash traded me that Les Paul\Nfor an eightball! Fuck! Translate:
339 Get out! Translate:
340 I swear to God, I'll kill you! Translate:
341 Back to work, assholes. Translate:
342 We're making rock history here. Translate:
343 Act accordingly. Translate:
344 Look how great your tits are! Translate:
345 Celebrate them! That's it, Daisy! Moan! Translate:
346 Moan like it hurts a little. Translate:
347 Not like an operation,\Nmore like a dentist visit. Translate:
348 Come on, baby! Slam her, Flex! Translate:
349 How long does this generally go on for? Translate:
350 These cinema vrit\Nmasterpieces of yours? Translate:
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