Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
251 Is that good dirty talk?\NLike, if I said to a client, Translate:
252 "You're so fucking tumescent right now,"\Nwould that be hot? Translate:
253 Makes my wiener feel a little weird,\Nbut that's just me. I like words. Translate:
254 How come you never called me? Translate:
255 If you remember,\NI was a little strapped for cash. Translate:
256 You could have called to\Nask me out on a proper date. Translate:
257 I did give you my card, didn't I? Translate:
258 I just figured you give it to all the fellas. Translate:
259 - No.\N- No? Translate:
260 No. Translate:
261 You really got under my skin,\NHank Moody. Translate:
262 I just couldn't shake you off. Translate:
263 Like, I'd be blowing\Nsome gross Persian dude Translate:
264 at the Whore Seasons\Nand I'd be thinking, Translate:
265 "I wonder how Hank's doing?" Translate:
266 Fuck, that's romantic. Translate:
267 Are you guys gonna bang or what? Translate:
268 - What's it to you, Bo Bice?\N- I don't know. Translate:
269 I was thinking how rad it would be\Nto bend you over that balcony and scream, Translate:
270 "I'm the king of the world!"\NAs I'm about to pop. Translate:
271 How about in a bed with a condom? Translate:
272 Whatever, dude. Translate:
273 Sure about this? Translate:
274 All in a day's work. Translate:
275 Man, you wanna watch for your book? Translate:
276 Thanks, but I'll pass. Translate:
277 Be good to the lady. Translate:
278 Don't fuck up her toes. Translate:
279 You might not want to sit there. Translate:
280 Why? Have you got\Nthe herp or something? Translate:
281 No. Translate:
282 Then I'm good. Translate:
283 Look, but seriously, if you sit here,\Npeople are gonna think you're weird. Translate:
284 How unfortunate. Translate:
285 And here I was planning\Nto run for prom queen. Translate:
286 You're weird. Translate:
287 At least I'm not the only boy\Nin an all-girls school. Translate:
288 Yeah, well... Translate:
289 For your information,\NI don't actually go here. Translate:
290 I got suspended from my real school.\NSome bullshit I didn't even do. Translate:
291 And my mom was like,\N"There's no effing way Translate:
292 "you're sitting on the couch all day\Nplaying Guitar Hero." Translate:
293 She's a teacher here. Translate:
294 English, I presume. Translate:
295 Yeah. Mrs. Patterson. Translate:
296 What, do you have her or something? Translate:
297 Third period. Translate:
298 But Ethan Frome gave you away. Translate:
299 Right. Translate:
300 Yeah, she's making me read\Nthis entire stupid book. Translate:
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