Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
201 Daisy, can you hurry it up? Translate:
202 - We're losing daylight, sweetheart.\N- All right. Translate:
203 You know what? Fuck it. Translate:
204 We're just gonna put Popeye\Nin this scene here anyway, man. Translate:
205 You be her daddy or something in this one. Translate:
206 Or maybe a creepy uncle, OK? Translate:
207 Daisy, you're going to get some ice cream. Translate:
208 Your car breaks down. Shit like that. Translate:
209 Let's just start sucking.\NAll right. On my go! Translate:
210 And action! Translate:
211 It was so cool of you\Nto help me out like this. Translate:
212 I just wish there was some way\NI could thank you. Translate:
213 What the f... Translate:
214 Shit! Translate:
215 Daddy no likey. Translate:
216 Daisy, what are you do... Jeez! Translate:
217 - Come on, little girl.\N- Fuck! Translate:
218 Make daddy proud.\NLittle girl, make daddy proud. Translate:
219 OK, there you go. Translate:
220 See, it's your friend.\NIt's your friend. Translate:
221 It's getting bigger.\NIt's getting meaner. Fight back! Translate:
222 Then she jumped into the car, Translate:
223 and we drove off into the sunset. Translate:
224 No, it was actually dark already.\NBut you get the idea. Translate:
225 Awesome. Good for you. Translate:
226 Yeah, and we've been living\Nhappily ever after ever since. Translate:
227 - Pretty much.\N- Pretty much? Translate:
228 It's a long story, but... Translate:
229 one night I ended up becoming\Nthe accidental oralist Translate:
230 to this very naked, very young girl. Translate:
231 It's been a sticking point. Translate:
232 I don't really know what that means,\Nbut it sounds bad. Translate:
233 Do you want a tug job? Translate:
234 Is that with the foot? Translate:
235 No... What? Translate:
236 - A little hand release?\N- No, thanks. Translate:
237 I'm not a fan of hand work.\NAnd it wouldn't be appropriate, Translate:
238 given the story I just told you. Translate:
239 I was just asking. I am on the clock. Translate:
240 Record company's dime. Translate:
241 Not that you're not doing\Na great job on my toes. Translate:
242 I just thought I'd put it out there. Translate:
243 It's hardly cheating. Translate:
244 I'm pretty sure it is. Translate:
245 Maybe you're right. Translate:
246 Sometimes my whore logic\Ngets all fucked up. Translate:
247 But I can tell you there's a lot\Nof husbands and boyfriends out there Translate:
248 who would not file that under "cheating." Translate:
249 Call me an old fuddy-duddy, Translate:
250 but I think any time the tumescent head\Nmakes an appearance, it's cheating. Translate:
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