Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
151 But... So we've got the safe approach,\Nwhich is that. Translate:
152 And then we've got\Nthe more radical approach. Translate:
153 Honey, honey. Translate:
154 I think you're throwing Karen off. Jesus. Translate:
155 No, no. It's fine.\NI'm the one that's intruding. Translate:
156 I just wanted to check in with you Translate:
157 before we meet the clients\Nand go through... Translate:
158 It's not really your forte, is it?\NSelling yourself? Translate:
159 Well, I'm not selling myself.\NI'm selling my works. Translate:
160 Give me your wrist. Translate:
161 I don't really want to give you my wrist. Translate:
162 Karen? Go with it, OK?\NTrust me. The man knows his shit. Translate:
163 - Of course, I just...\N- Give me your wrist. Translate:
164 Oh, my God. Here's my wrist. Translate:
165 Close your eyes. Translate:
166 Don't be scared.\NGood. Translate:
167 We all have this\Npressure point in our wrists Translate:
168 right about here\Nthat reduces nervousness. Translate:
169 Your heart is racing.\NWhy is that? Translate:
170 Because you're feeling judged. Translate:
171 The artist within feels threatened.\NUnder attack. Translate:
172 Now, those are very primal emotions. Translate:
173 You don't have to be ashamed. Translate:
174 Now, listen to me, I'm here to tell you, Translate:
175 if you're operating from a place\Nof inner strength and conviction, Translate:
176 anything is possible.\NYes. Translate:
177 And no dream that you dare to dream Translate:
178 can be beyond your grasp. Translate:
179 Thank you. Translate:
180 Believe it. Translate:
181 Thanks. Translate:
182 This is totally uncool, Daisy. Translate:
183 What the fuck?\NYou had to bring your boyfriend? Translate:
184 - He is not my boyfriend.\N- I'm just along for the ride, fellas. Translate:
185 Where we shooting today anyway? Translate:
186 Do you know what a hassle this is?\NYou know what? Translate:
187 - We're just gonna have to fuzz him out.\N- Fuzz me out of what? Translate:
188 Brother, if you wanna ride in the Slam Van,\Nyou've got to sign a release. Translate:
189 I'm sorry. "The Slam Van"? Translate:
190 Fuzz me out of what? Translate:
191 I don't even understand\Nwhat the problem is, all right? Translate:
192 I'm catching a ride to the set. Translate:
193 I'm gonna say hello once to the director. Translate:
194 The set? This is the set. Translate:
195 - And I, hello, am the director.\N- You're the director. Translate:
196 - Yeah.\N- Charlie Runkle, UTK... Or formerly UTK. Translate:
197 Listen, I'm not familiar with\Nyour work, per se, all right? Translate:
198 But I think it's safe to say\Nwe're both big fans of Daisy here, right? Translate:
199 Yeah. You know what? Translate:
200 I'd be an even bigger fan of Daisy\Nif she would start schlobbing some knob. Translate:
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