Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
101 No? Cool. Catch you on the flip side. Translate:
102 Amber! Translate:
103 So... Translate:
104 How's Trix? Translate:
105 Charlie Runkle from... Translate:
106 Just Charlie Runkle. Translate:
107 Where? From planet Earth.\NThat's where I'm calling from, OK? Translate:
108 Meanwhile, how about\Nwe just get a lunch on... Translate:
109 the books. Translate:
110 Nice. Translate:
111 Hey, I know you. How you doing? Translate:
112 You don't remember me?\NWe met at my wife's salon. Translate:
113 Yeah, you were having your lady needs\Ntended to, and I was... Translate:
114 Marcy's dude. Translate:
115 - Yes. Charlie Runkle.\N- Daisy. Translate:
116 Daisy. That's right. Daisy. The lovely Daisy. Translate:
117 Where are you off to\Nthis lovely afternoon? Translate:
118 You know, just work. Translate:
119 Work? Well, that's great.\NThat means you scored a part. Translate:
120 Well, you're not psyched. Translate:
121 These guys are just total amateurs,\Nand I hate working for them. Translate:
122 I understand the basic impulse Translate:
123 to want to stick your dick in something.\NLike, I get that. Translate:
124 I'm just not one of these chicks\Nthat's down with objects. Translate:
125 - Objects?\N- You know, like bottles of booze, Translate:
126 cellphones and whatnot. Translate:
127 Toys, sure. Translate:
128 Food, maybe. Food's organic. Translate:
129 Well, some of it is. Translate:
130 I mean, you really...\Nyou got to read the labels. Translate:
131 But once you become that chick,\Nyou're in a box, right? Translate:
132 Forever and ever, you're the girl\Nthat sticks stuff up there. Translate:
133 And I just didn't get into this business\Nto become some kind of freak show. Translate:
134 No. You certainly did not. Translate:
135 That's why you got to stand up\Nfor yourself with those people. Translate:
136 - Tell them what you just told me.\N- Right, they want to hear that Translate:
137 from some chick\Njust off the bus from Hicksville. Translate:
138 How are you gonna get what you want\Nif you don't ask for it? Translate:
139 Here's what we'll do.\NLet me talk to them for you. Translate:
140 - That sounds nice, but...\N- I'll go with you to the set, Translate:
141 I'll put in a few well-chosen words... Translate:
142 - That sounds really great, but...\N- What's up, sweetheart? Translate:
143 You and Uncle Fester need a lift? Translate:
144 Look, mister, you've been really nice, Translate:
145 but that's actually my ride, so I have to go. Translate:
146 Not so fast. Are you going to the set?\NI'll come with. Translate:
147 How you doing, pal?\NOK, shove over, make room. Translate:
148 One real Hollywood agent at your service. Translate:
149 In case they don't want to do that, Translate:
150 I've prepared a couple of options. Translate:
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