Californication S02E03 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [-micky-]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Previously on Californication... Translate:
2 - So, why the vasectomy?\N- I hate the rubbers. Translate:
3 What happened back there\Ncould have happened to anybody. Translate:
4 Wrong place, wrong time, wrong vagina! Translate:
5 I think it's time I go have\Na little chat with our president. Translate:
6 That's it! Runkle is ankling! Translate:
7 Are you sure you don't\Nwant me to step outside? Translate:
8 I've had way grosser dudes than you Translate:
9 staring into the business end\Nof my cooter all day long. Translate:
10 Porn! Translate:
11 Julian's a writer too. Translate:
12 Really? My condolences. Translate:
13 What I write about is, Translate:
14 accessing the artist that exists\Nwithin every single one of us. Translate:
15 So, let me get this straight. Translate:
16 Your name is Trixie, and you are a whore? Translate:
17 - Lew Ashby.\N- Hank Moody. Translate:
18 The writer? Translate:
19 I got this book deal. Translate:
20 They want to write about\Nwhy everything I touch turns to gold. Translate:
21 You write it. Translate:
22 Hey, great. You're up.\NI made some coffee. Translate:
23 Hey, Becca, let's go! Translate:
24 You know the house...\NThe job that we're bidding on? Translate:
25 It's over in the Valley, Translate:
26 so I thought I could just get Sonja\Nto drop me at Lew Ashby's house tonight, Translate:
27 and maybe we could go\Nget dinner someplace in Hollywood. Translate:
28 - What do you think?\N- I'm listening. Translate:
29 - What, with your hands?\N- I'm like a blind man. Translate:
30 Some of us have jobs to go to, Translate:
31 you know, like, responsibilities? Translate:
32 So do I, but I balance that shit. Translate:
33 I don't let the crushing pressures\Nof the workday world Translate:
34 interfere with the richness of my life\Nas a sexual being. Translate:
35 I noticed that. But I don't know\Nif getting paid six-figure sums Translate:
36 to hang out with rock stars all day Translate:
37 really constitutes work, but, you know... Translate:
38 Of course it does. Translate:
39 Don't you want to send me\Nto the salt mines with a smile on my face? Translate:
40 You're not giving up, right? OK. Translate:
41 Oh, my God. That's... No. Hey! Translate:
42 That's the mailman.\NThat's the wrong number. Translate:
43 Becca. It's Mia. She's here. Translate:
44 Hello, hello! Translate:
45 Nobody's home! Translate:
46 Knock, knock,\Nfoster family. Translate:
47 Becca, come on.\NYou don't want to be late on your first day. Translate:
48 You can sulk later. Come on. Translate:
49 Did you have breakfast? Translate:
50 - Did I mention I hate you?\N- Yes, you did. I know. Translate:
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