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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [airwind]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Did you find the guy who shot Yang Kang Chil? Translate:
2 It's not easy. Translate:
3 We may have to solely rely on Yang Kang Chil's testimony. Translate:
4 I think I have to say this even though it's a little embarassing. Translate:
5 I can't speak Japanese. Translate:
6 The only Japanese I know is Gura as in lie. Ski as in like. Translate:
7 Ai, I like. Ganji, looks. Translate:
8 Sashimi, the knife to cut sashimi. Translate:
9 And I know some swear words. Translate:
10 Arigato Gojaimas! Thank you! Translate:
11 Ganji Ski means: looks good in clothes. Translate:
12 That's it. Translate:
13 I will teach you. Translate:
14 -You can even speak Japanese? -A little. Translate:
15 I want to marry you at that place. But you won't propose to me. So I'm worried. Translate:
16 But it's ok. I can just do it. Translate:
17 I will do it. Translate:
18 Don't think I'm incapable. Translate:
19 You know I... Translate:
20 Do you want to hear how I'm going to propose to you? Translate:
21 I will first... Translate:
22 I will kneel before you. Translate:
23 This is really important! Because I never knelt in front of someone in my whole life. Translate:
24 Anyway! I will kneel before you. Translate:
25 I will ask you to love me forever. Translate:
26 I will ask you to live with me for the rest of our lives. Translate:
27 Let's grow old together happily. Translate:
28 I will ask you that. Translate:
29 I will give you the ring. Translate:
30 I'm looking forward to it. Translate:
31 Does it snow a lot over there? I like snow. Translate:
32 I don't know if it's because I have a dark heart. I like anything that's white. I like snow and... snow. Translate:
33 I heard that you have cross examination with Dad today. Translate:
34 Ji Na! Translate:
35 It wasn't Detective Jung that shot the gun. Translate:
36 I know that you're only saying that for me. Translate:
37 No I'm not. Who says that? Translate:
38 Ji Na! You listen to me. Translate:
39 You have to believe me. It wasn't your father. Translate:
40 Also let me make this clear. Nothing will happen to your father. Translate:
41 So you just don't worry about anything and... Translate:
42 Even if you understand my dad... Translate:
43 I can't understand him. Translate:
44 But... Translate:
45 I chose you. Translate:
46 That's the biggest revenge for my father. Translate:
47 Let's just think about ourselves for the time we have left. Translate:
48 There must be a way. If I beg him this time, he won't just say no like last time. Translate:
49 So I will just... Translate:
50 Do you think I will do this to you when there is a way? Translate:
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