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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [airwind]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Kang Chil! Translate:
2 Kang Chil! Translate:
3 I didn't ever want to see you again in my life. Translate:
4 Did you have a good time with Ji Na last night? Translate:
5 Turn it off. Translate:
6 I don't know if Jung saw Yang Kang Chil or not. Translate:
7 From the cameras on the highway, we saw Yang Kang Chil's car and Dr. Jung car together. Translate:
8 But they both disappeared nearby the wave breakers. Translate:
9 Detective Ahn is looking for your father. Translate:
10 He told me to go home first. He said that he will call us. Translate:
11 Get in the car. Translate:
12 Ji Na. Translate:
13 Who does he think he is? Translate:
14 Who says that he could do this to someone else? Translate:
15 He doesn't realize life is short. He won't live forever. Translate:
16 These people are not afraid of gods. Translate:
17 You must have had hated me quite a lot. Translate:
18 I've lost my brother. I know what it feels like. Translate:
19 I can't say that I understand you, but I didn't hate you. Translate:
20 Also I met Ji Na out of coincidence. It wasn't planned. Translate:
21 You think I called you out and quit my job just to listen to your excuses? Translate:
22 I didn't come here knowing the danger after wasting 16 years in prison just to give excuses. Translate:
23 Just wait until Yong Hak wakes up. Once he wakes up, we can get the evidence to clear my name... Translate:
24 Even if that evidence was real! I don't like you! Translate:
25 It doesn't matter who killed Min Woo. He is already dead. Translate:
26 I'm here to see you because of Ji Na. Not because of Min Woo. Translate:
27 I know people like you. Translate:
28 You've got nothing except your stubborness. Translate:
29 They think that hate is everything. They think the wounds that they carry is everything! Translate:
30 Why should Ji Na have to see someone like you? Translate:
31 I can't break up with her. Translate:
32 I won't give up anything in my life. Translate:
33 I'm sorry. Translate:
34 I gave up on my brother, wife, and even my daughter! Why can't you give up on anything? Translate:
35 I don't plan to live after killing you. Translate:
36 If I wanted to, I wouldn't have come to a place where people pass by. Translate:
37 We will need people to take care of our dead bodies at least. Translate:
38 Leave this place. Go somewhere other than Tong Yeong. Translate:
39 Leave Ji Na! And go alone! Translate:
40 If you don't want to go, you don't have to go. Translate:
41 You and I will just die then. Translate:
42 Detective Jung! Detective Jung! Translate:
43 Kang Chil! Kang Chil! Translate:
44 Why did you go alone, you moron! Translate:
45 Gook Soo! Detective Jung was stabbed by some guys. Translate:
46 I know. Translate:
47 I don't know why, but I can just picture everything in my head. Translate:
48 I got wings and flew the sky and got here all of the sudden. Translate:
49 -What? -But it's strange. Translate:
50 My prophecy was never wrong. Why didn't he shoot you? Why did he get stabbed instead? Translate:
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